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Should You File For Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, bankruptcy can come with a bad reputation. People are oftentimes intimidated by filing for bankruptcy since it carries such a stigma. While bankruptcy is not always the best option, it goes without saying that there is a serious value in filing in many situations. Our Silver Spring attorney knows that bankruptcy is best tackled with the help of a lawyer, and can help make sure that you are making your best possible decision for your financial future.

It is a serious step deciding to file for bankruptcy, and you want to be sure that you are making your best choice. Meeting with our bankruptcy lawyer for a free case evaluation can help you begin determining the best ways to move forward with your filing.

Before filing for bankruptcy be sure to consider:

  • Is it better to pay off your debts in a longer or a shorter process?
  • Alternatives to filing
  • Eligibility to file for bankruptcy
  • What debts can and cannot be cancelled
  • What may happen to your home, car, and other property
  • How retirement accounts may be affected
  • Cosigners that may be affected by debt

One of the most important considerations before filing is learning how your personal life can be affected by bankruptcy. Unfortunately, a lot of information will be probed and details concerning your personal life may be revealed in the process that can work to make you uncomfortable. Knowing what to expect before making the decision is the most important thing you can do.

During this sensitive time in your life, you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland that is both sensitive to your needs and skilled in negotiating the bankruptcy process. The Law Office of David Cahn is here for you! Be sure to contact our offices to speak with a trusted legal professional that can begin the bankruptcy process and lead you to financial freedom.