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Silver Spring Traffic Ticket & Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of David Cahn: Serving Silver Spring, Frederick, & Hagerstown

My firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of every client, no matter if they were issued a traffic ticket or arrested for a criminal offense. As an experienced criminal and traffic ticket attorney based in Silver Spring, Maryland I provide my clients with smart guidance and aggressive advocacy in all types of proceedings.

If you are charged with a crime, my team can thoroughly investigate the prosecution's case against you to build a comprehensive defense that seeks to have your charges reduced or dropped and any potential penalties lessened. For those who at risk of losing their driving privileges or facing financial difficulties as the result of traffic infractions, we can challenge the validity of the tickets and seek to have all consequences minimized.

Areas of Criminal Defense

After being arrested for a crime, the next steps you take are crucial. The longer you wait to obtain a competent attorney, the more of an advantage you are giving prosecutors to build a strong case against you.

If you are currently facing criminal charges in the Silver Spring, Maryland area, do not hesitate to take action. At my criminal defense law firm, The Law Office of David Cahn, I can provide you with the strategic defense you need. ​​​​​​Contact me today!

Because I am a former Assistant District Attorney, I fully understand how prosecutors operate, as well as how they are most likely to try and reach guilty verdicts. Because of my professional background, I am a Silver Spring criminal defense attorney who can serve as a major asset to your case.

I am equipped to handle many different types of criminal defense cases. The Law Office of David Cahn provides representation for cases related to any of the following criminal defense and traffic ticket issues in Maryland:


Under Maryland law, a person commits assault when he or she causes or attempts to cause personal injury to another individual. This offense can be classified as either classified as first-degree assault or second-degree assault. In either type of situation, an assault conviction can lead to a lengthy prison term. In addition to basic assault, the law also prohibits assault with a firearm. Anyone accused of this serious crime should immediately seek legal representation.

Drug Charges

There are many different types of drug crimes a person can be charged with, including drug possession, possession with intent to distribute and drug manufacturing, among other offenses. The severity of a drug charge and its potential sentence upon conviction depends on the specific circumstances related to the alleged crime. Some of these circumstances include the type of offense involved, the type of drug, the drug amount and whether the defendant has any previous drug convictions.

Theft Crimes

A person commits theft when he or she takes control over someone else's property or services without authorization, and generally with the intention of depriving that owner of what belongs to him or her. The penalties provided for theft depend on the value of the stolen property or services, as well as on various other factors. In addition to general theft, other theft crimes include burglary, robbery and motor vehicle theft.

Weapons Charges

When individuals possess, carry or transport weapons, they are required to do so in compliance with state and federal laws. Individuals can be charged with crimes when they are accused of violating these laws. For example, a person might be arrested for possessing weapons that are banned in the state, for unlawfully transporting a firearm or for possessing a firearm without the proper license. Weapons charges can stem from all types of weapons, such as handguns, assault pistols and knives.

Charged with a crime in Silver Spring or Frederick?

Criminal convictions can lead to very serious consequences, such as imprisonment, expensive fines, restitution and more. Furthermore, by having a criminal record (especially one that involves a felony), you can end up running into obstacles in the future. For example, you might find it difficult to get a good job, obtain adequate housing or get into the college of your choice.

When your future lies in the balance, do not take any risks by failing to get the assistance you need. Make sure you have a capable criminal defense attorney by your side, helping you to better protect your future.

Contact The Law Office of David Cahn so I can begin providing you with the high-quality legal support that could make a major difference in your case!

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My Approach

I understand the severity of the situation that you face, whether you have been charged with speeding or arrested for drunk driving. Understanding the various implications of a conviction for a traffic violation is of great importance as it can help you realize the necessity of fighting unjust charges.

Losing your license can be a very serious issue. If you are arrested for DUI, then you could lose your license in the event of a conviction. This can be a very significant problem if rely on your license to allow you to transport yourself in order to accomplish your everyday tasks. With a suspended license, you could be forced to rely on public transportation in order to do your shopping, get to work, and for other responsibilities that require transportation. It is important that you are given a fair chance in court and that you have the representation you need to obtain a favorable outcome.

How My Experience Can Help You

With years in practice at my firm and former prosecutor experience, I understand how the courts operate. I know how your issue will be handled and I know how to build a case to fight the accusations brought against you. Whether you have been cited for a red light violation or arrested for a hit-and-run offense, I can provide you with the defense that you need.

Contact my firm today for the legal assistance that you need in your case.

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