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Reckless Driving in Maryland

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In Maryland, the charge of reckless driving is a misdemeanor, and could have serious repercussions for you. Reckless driving means operating a vehicle in a manner that is willful or deliberate, and puts the safety of persons or property in danger. It also means driving in a manner that seems to be willful or deliberate and puts the safety of person or property in danger. The first shows intent on the part of the driver, the second indicates no intent necessarily

This is a rather broad definition and open to interpretation. For example, you could be in control of your car, just driving down the road. But if a police officer decided you presented a danger, you potentially could be ticketed for reckless driving. If you are convicted, you will have six points on your driving record. That puts you in the range of being required to attend a driver improvement program. You are also facing fines, and you're on your way toward having a suspended license, even a revoked license if you accumulate more points.

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What is reckless driving?

A charge of reckless driving is not a criminal offense, no matter how badly you were driving. It is classified under the transportation section of Maryland law as opposed to the criminal law section. Examples of reckless driving include weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the shoulder, tailgating, and passing where it's illegal.

While it is common for a police officer to write a ticket citing reckless driving when the driver was only speeding, you in fact cannot be charged with reckless driving for speeding only. A judge will consider all factors in a reckless driving case, including whether the driving was erratic, how much over the speed limit you were going, the actual force of impact, if any, and other considerations.

You also cannot be jailed under a reckless driving charge. There is a maximum penalty of $1000, but a misdemeanor conviction for reckless driving could also be on your record for life. If your driver's license is suspended, you could be facing more hardship, especially if you rely on driving your car for work or other necessary reasons.

Employers are increasingly checking the criminal records of potential employees, and will shy away from hiring you if you do have a criminal record. If you are seeking employment that involves driving, you will probably not be hired.

Negligent Driving vs. Reckless Driving

Negligent driving is a very similar charge to reckless driving, but will only result in one point on a driving record instead of six. Negligent driving is the citation issued if you are accused of driving a vehicle carelessly or irresponsibly, putting a person or property in danger. If the word of a police officer is the only evidence presented, the charge could easily be reckless driving. This is another reason why you should consult with an experienced traffic ticket attorney who knows how to approach these cases and get fair treatment in court.

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I have years of experience in traffic ticket defense. I am Attorney David Cahn, and I'm dedicated to helping my clients beat traffic tickets, both civil and criminal, fighting to avoid or minimize the penalties, and I can take action to help you fight back you if you have a reckless driving ticket. If you lose your license, your lifestyle can be seriously altered, and a criminal record can adversely affect your future economic opportunities. Don't put your future in inexperienced hands.

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